Youth Hare ‘n Hounds

Round 1 of our Youth Hare ‘n Hounds Series will now take place at Cwmythig Hill, near Rhayader on Sunday 14th July. The event will start at 11am. We will have classes for Auto/50cc, 65cc, 85cc small wheel, 85cc big wheel, 125cc/150cc & Fun Bikes.


There are 3 groups:

Group 1 – Novice/Beginners Race (30 minutes) – classes for: 50cc, 50cc Fun Bike, 65cc, 85cc, Open, Trials Bike & Fun Bike – (30 minutes). The route for this will be an easy/enjoyable lap ideal for novices/beginners. 

Group 2 – Expert Race A – classes: 50cc & 65cc (1 hour 15 minutes). This will be a more challenging & longer lap than the Novice/Beginners group.

Group 3 – Expert Race B – classes: 85cc small wheel, 85cc big wheel, 125cc/150cc & Fun Bike (1 hour 15 minutes). This will be a similar lap to the previous group but will have a few extra sections thrown in to make a slightly longer lap.

There will be a “presentation of awards” in the marquee after the final race of the day. Awards will be presented to the top 3 in each class, & medals for all finishers.

You will need to fill out an entry form & pay for your entry (with cash) at signing-on.

Entry Fee for the Novice Race is £30, while for the Main (Expert) Races is £35.

(ACU 1 event license fee is included in the entry fee) 

There will be a “Pit Area” at the start of the lap where riders will be able to pull in for fuel/drinks etc during the race.

Please make sure engines are turned off during fuelling. 

Riders will start in their respective class (50cc, 65cc …..etc), with approx. 20/30 second intervals between each group.

Riders will be allowed to warm their engines before the start, the race will start with engines running.

Depending on the weather & track conditions, we might allow riders to have a 1 lap practice/sighting lap slowly following a marshall (this is nor Novice Race only). 

Numbers need to be on ALL panels, numbers will be available at singing-on. Numbers need to be clear, for lap scoring.

Riders are required to wear a Helmet, Goggles, Boots, Gloves as minimum protection, it is advised riders use chest guards, knee guards, neck braces etc for their own safety.